The Debre Haile Kidus Gabriel and Kedus Yohannes Metimik Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church was established on April 18, 1997 by the followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo religion with the exclusive purpose of serving the Ethiopian Community in the Washington, D.C. metro area. The church services are lead by two priests assisted by two deacons who regularly provide sacramental and other services to the community. The congregation has continued to grow for the past 13 years, and currently has over 250 families. To better serve the congregation and the community at large, a vast scale expansion began since 2005 and in April, 2008 the congregation was able to buy and own a church building. On June 1st , 2008 the first liturgy was conducted in the new church building. The number swells into a few thousands on special religious observances such as the annual holidays to honor and celebrate the deeds of Saint Gabriel, and that of Saint John the Baptist. . The church is administered by Board of Trustees, chaired by Komos Abba Meaza Beyene, who are elected for three years, and serve for not more than two consecutive terms. A general assembly of members elect the Board of Trustees and entrust them with the overall management of the Church. Currently, the congregation and the community is taking a series of measures to expand and develop the church services so as to allow the Church to serve both as a place of worship and a center of culture for all Ethiopians in the area. We are praying that our wish be realized with the help of God and continued support of the community. We are delighted that you have visited us today. Here, you can find information on who we are, what we do, as well as contact information if you are new to our church, and interested in getting to know your brothers and sisters at Kedus Gabriel and Kedus Yohannes Metmik Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. Please feel free to view any pages from our website. It is our hope that you will visit our Church some day in the future. Please consider supporting us in every way you can to bring our dream true. For additional information, please feel free to contact: Aba Meaza Beyene (Head of the church) Phone: 202-722-7140 God Bless.